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Generic 3 Panel Knife sharpener

Generic 3 Panel Knife sharpener
Generic 3 Panel Knife sharpener
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This easy to use hand held knife sharpener is fitted with hard carbide steel blades for use in a coarse sharpening stage while for the honing stage there are fine ceramic rods to help. The unit is safe and secure and is completed with rubberized base for sure grip.

This dual stage knife sharpener is very helpful to keep your kitchen knives sharp by giving you a professional sharpening right at your home. With two stage precision, this edge knife sharpener needs nothing but several easy strokes to maintain blades sharp.

The sharpener helps to maintain kitchen knives in best shape and the best sharpness level which is crucial not only for efficient performance but also for safety as blunt knives could seriously hurt us when used while working in the kitchen. 

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